Anti-Mining Series of Events in April and May!

~~ NO to mining, YES to water, YES to life! ~~
Events on the UW-Madison campus, on the fight to stop the ravages of mining

* Wednesday, April 11
– 3:30 pm, 4207 Helen C. White Hall:  “Globalizing mining resistance” – a talk by Jan Morrill with the National Roundtable on Mining in El Salvador.  Jan works with communities resisting mining in El Salvador, including one suffering environmental and health problems from gold mining by Milwaukee-based Commerce Group.

– 7 pm, 1121 Humanities:  Film “Red Gold,” part of an anti-mining movie series (see below).

* Monday, April 16
– 7 pm, 2650 Humanities:  “End mountaintop removal!” – a talk by Adam Hall and Annie Jane Cotten with Keeper of the Mountains and Radical Action for Mountain Peoples’ Survival (RAMPS) in West Virginia

* Friday, April 20
– 7 pm, Union South (TITU):  “The true cost of coal” – a presentation by the Beehive Collective of Maine, with live music by Thistle and the Thorns

* Wednesdays, 7 pm, 2650 – Anti-mining film series
– April 18 – “The Last Mountain”
– April 25 – “When Clouds Clear”
– May 2 – “Matewan”
– May 9 – “North Country”

Sponsored by the Madison InfoShop, Madison for the Penokees, Midwest Coalition Against Lethal Mining, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice.


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